Truth and Story 


Once upon a time, long ago, in a land far away, two beautiful women named Truth and Story lived on the outskirts of town. Each thought herself the most attractive, so they quarreled until they decided to have a contest: whoever attracted the most attention while walking through the village would be considered the most beautiful.


Truth went first, confident that everyone seeks and wants to know Truth. To her chagrin, people began to turn away. As she reached the far side of the village, only a few people remained. Fearing that she would lose, she threw off her clothing and walked back through the town wearing nothing at all. When the remaining people saw her coming they closed their doors and shuttered their windows. By the time Truth returned to the starting point, in defeat, the village was deserted.


Now it was the other woman’s turn. As Story walked into the town, people came out of their houses happily following her through the streets. By the time she returned to Truth, the entire village was in the streets.


Truth looked at Story in confusion and defeat. “Why is it that people flock to you but spurn me? Do people not value and seek Truth?” Then, Story took off her cloak and put it around the shoulders of Truth and invited her to try again. Now, as Truth began to walk through the village people flocked to her admiring her beauty.  By the time she had walked to the end of the village and back all of the villagers were following her in admiration.  “Ah, you see”, said Story, “few people want to see the Truth, and even and fewer want to see the naked truth. You must cloak yourself in Story, only then will people be able to understand and accept you.”


If your truth is that you're interviewing for a job.

If your truth is that you want to raise or promotion.

If your truth is that you have something to sell.

If your truth is that you need funding to capitalize a business.

If your truth is that you want to influence change in your family or community.

If your truth is that you want to save the world, you must cloak your truth in stories.

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